Incident Response


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Readiness and resolve

As a security leader, you know threats are not a matter of if but when. At Defy, we respond to, contain, and mitigate any issues you might encounter at the speed you need it. Our team includes experienced digital forensics experts, and our global responders network includes only the most reputable IR partners in the industry. Rest assured, in the face of an incident, we don’t rest until it’s right.


A right-sized response strategy

Whether you need a Zero Trust strategy or need a way to manage alert fatigue, Defy delivers exactly what you need. And nothing you don’t.


Incident replication

Through Defy Labs, our engineers can quickly reproduce issues within your environment—and rapid test solutions to contain threats in the short- and long-term.


Optimize what you have

Before we add anything to your toolkit, we first make sure you’re getting the most from tools you already have. That’s another way we protect your bottom line.

key feature

IR approach that fits your business

Whether you’re facing alert fatigue, need a smarter way to analyze and validate threats, or require guaranteed access to a global army of responders, our experienced team will customize an IR plan that fits your risk tolerance and the maturity of your business.  

Meet The Team

Jason Miller headshot

Jason Miller, Account Executive

Jason Miller was a Defy technology partner before he joined the team. “Defy was communicative and totally customer-centric,” Miller says. “It was refreshing.” In his role, Miller is in constant communication with architects and engineers—a whole-team approach that allows everyone to serve each customer with excellence. “We’re not just trying to get a deal done. We’re collectively working as an extension of the customer’s team to help them have ongoing success—however they define that.”