A true value-added cybersecurity partner

Customers work with Defy Security to simplify their buying experience. We provide initial assessment and analysis of technologies and custom proof of concepts.  Our business analysis of licensing and financing structure saves you money.  We oversee implementation and operation with staffing and services to ensure success.

Experience a better partnership

We have unparalleled security expertise. But more importantly, we deliver unparalleled experiences. That means you will have a strategic partner who is a trusted extension of your team and committed to your success. For each of our customers, that is the Defy Security difference.

Our employees are your advocates

Understanding, adaptability, and fairness are our values and the cornerstones of earning your trust.

Driving results with agility

Time is your most important asset. Our business is structured to respond to your challenges and needs with no delay. The current cybersecurity and business landscape demand it.

Stay ahead of the curve

Our teams are well versed in the latest security technologies, from the largest to the latest. We validate their use cases and claims to ensure you have the knowledge you need to make critical business decisions.

The challenge of doing something considered impossible

Defy Security offers a wide range of cybersecurity technologies and services, knowing that every customer needs a custom approach.  We do this with exceptional service and provide value at every stage of your buying experience.  This is what differentiates us, and why our customers are our best advocates.  We take on the impossible tasks for you.

Security Architecture and Strategy

Achieving your goals requires careful planning the actions that can be taken with the right technology and people to reduce your risk.

Cloud Security

We work with companies at various stages of their cloud security program maturity.  You should expect tailored solutions based on your unique business and technology environment.

Identity and Access Management

Architecting and managing an effective identity solution is an ongoing challenge. Our experience helps you with key decisions to improve security without impacting your business users.

Risk Management and Compliance

Every business unit has accountability to an overall risk management program.  Our experience with many industries will help you achieve buy-in at every level.

SOC Optimization

Detecting and responding to threats is a never-ending activity as adversaries constantly evolve. We advise on the latest techniques and technologies to consider and provide staffing for your changing needs.


We founded Defy in order to do what’s right for the customer, to build strong relationships with them and become a full strategic partner to their team and their business. It’s as simple as that.

Justin Domachowski, Founder & President

Meet The Team

Jason Hawks and his family

Jason Hawks, Solutions Architect

Jason Hawks is a client advocate, technical problem-solver and whole-ecosystem thinker—abilities he puts to good use on clients’ behalf. “We always pursue a customer-first approach,” says Hawks. “I work to understand our customers’ entire landscape as opposed to focusing on an individual technology or vertical.” Hawks regularly employs Defy Labs to research and test innovative products—intel that he uses to make sure clients have best-in-breed solutions that work in their environment and for their business.

Defy Labs: adding technical value

Defy Labs is our proprietary technology tool, where we reproduce your environment, validate solutions, test and vet new products, and quickly replicate and solve any issues. Defy Labs is available to our clients even before a sale—it’s one way we demonstrate our value and total commitment to your success.

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Only the best products and people

We have decades of experience in vetting security solutions, identifying the true best-in-breed for your requirements, and anticipating new emerging stars. Our deep relationships with market leaders enable us to deliver the best people and products to you every time.

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