Cloud Security


Defy Security Solutions

Cloud security remains a challenge

While businesses drive cloud migration and adoption, security teams still struggle to keep up.  According to a recent survey, 55% of security professionals believe at least half of their time is wasted due to a lack of quality event data.

Defy Security takes a broad yet actionable approach to help you create or validate your cloud security program.



Cloud Migration

The lack of cloud security talent impacts every business working on cloud migration.  We have solutions, staffing, and services to address these challenges.


Cloud Infrastructure

The right cloud security technologies can be a force multiplier for your teams to manage growing adoption of cloud platforms.


Cloud data protection

Protecting cloud data requires an approach including encryption, access management, threat detection and response, and clearly defined responsibilities from service providers.

Key Feature

Solutions for All Elements of Cloud Security

Cloud security is complex, but Defy Security has the experience to deliver technologies and services for the key components of your plan.

Cloud Security Solutions

  • Datacenter Transformation
  • Application Security
  • DevOps Security

Amazon Cloud Strategy

  • AWS Architecture Review
  • AWS Data, Workload, Account Security Assessments

Microsoft Cloud Strategy

  • Azure architecture review
  • Azure Cloud Maturity Assessment
  • O365 Email Services