A consultative, customer-first approach

Our security solutions and services are built on your specific goals and needs and delivered on a highly agile business model. Our account executives, engineers and architects work to fully understand your specific challenges, business and environment. We then assemble the right team of experts to deliver real value when you need it and how you need it. 

Security Strategy & Architecture

We don’t have an off-the-shelf approach. We work overtime to develop comprehensive knowledge of your technical and business environment—and bring you best-in-breed solutions as defined by your requirements. Not ours.

Managed Services

We keep up with the latest innovations, trends and issues—and proactively identify the technology investments that will maximize your security posture.

Identity & Data Management

The accelerated pace of digital transformation and changes in how people work means new challenges in IDM.  We guide you through the complexities and implement solutions that keep you ahead of the curve.

Risk Management & Compliance

Our veteran cybersecurity team takes a whole-business approach to risk and compliance. We get you on the path to a sustainable, organizational program that has buy-in at every level.

Incident Response

You need an ironclad response strategy in place before breaches happen—so you can minimize impacts if they do. We work quickly to replicate the issue in your environment and implement solutions to address the threat.

Defy Labs: adding technical value

Defy Labs is our proprietary technology tool, where we reproduce your environment, validate solutions, test and vet new products, and quickly replicate and solve any issues. Defy Labs is available to our clients even before a sale—it’s one way we demonstrate our value and total commitment to your success.

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