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Created to defy the status quo
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Defy Security was founded in 2017 with a vision: to change the security buying experience by delivering value and service beyond any other.

As cybersecurity veterans, we knew many would consider our mission an impossible task as the industry moves so quickly and relationships become sacrificed for transactions.

At Defy Security, we continue to grow as word of mouth from customers provides validation of our approach to other businesses.
Our team grows as people who want to be part of something different and valuable join our mission.

At Defy, we believe we can and should do better. In fact, we already are. We’ve attracted some of the best talent in the business — engineers, architects and salespeople with experience, who always research the latest topics, and possess a drive to deliver value to clients. Our people are the key to achieving the Defy mission: To put people back where they belong. First.

from the founders

We set out to build a relationship-driven business that delivers real value to customers. We do the right thing for them. Always. That’s it.

Justin Domachowski

Founder & President


At Defy, it’s about the ability to bend to the customer instead of trying to force them to bend to us.

Jeremy Gilbert

SVP Operations

our client commitment

Understand with Empathy

  • Security is extremely difficult, we work to provide clarity
  • Our customer frustrations are our frustrations that we work to solve together
  • We provide insight and build trust through understanding

Adapt to Customer Problems

  • We address your problems and challenges first, we do not lead with answers.
  • Through credibility and reliability, we earn the right to solve your problems.

Be a Fair Partner

  • We represent your best interests fairly.
  • We represent our Partner’s best interests to the best of our ability.
  • Through these actions, we seek to earn greater trust.
Cybersecurity veterans

Defy Security leaders have extensive of experience in information security — building companies, shaping the industry, and helping clients succeed.

What it takes

We’re always looking for experienced and committed cybersecurity professionals who are driven to help clients and colleagues be their best. Are you ready to defy the status quo?