Reduce the risk of security projects

Change always has an element of risk. It is especially the case with changes to your security programs, processes, and technologies. With limited staff, competing priorities, and a rapidly changing security landscape, it has never been more challenging to evaluate new security technologies thoroughly.

We have developed our Defy LABS platform to prove the value for you, for your use cases, and for your environment.

Use cases

Go beyond a basic technology demo

You want to see a product demonstration to understand better how it works, if it works as advertised, and to help make a decision fast. Unfortunately, most demos are generic and simply hype features that may not be important to you.

Defy Security has practical experience with many security technologies. We will help identify your most important use cases, understand how key features apply to you and provide you with hands-on interaction to see your value firsthand.

An architecture you can actually reference

Most reference architectures are slides designed to appeal to a broad audience but are not helpful when thinking about implementing and managing change.

Defy LABS allows you to see patterns of data integration and processes. We help you create your own operational blueprint so your technology purchase has a plan for success.

Prove a Concept and Value

Information security technologies have no lack of buzzwords and promises of ROI that may not apply to your unique situation. But a proof of concept (PoC) or proof of value (PoV) can take time to set up and properly execute.

Defy LABS is designed to exercise custom use cases and integrations to best prove the technology concept works for your environment and use cases. We can even provide for lengthy evaluation and analysis if your decision process involves many stakeholders and requirements.

Meet Your Team

Jason Hawks and his family

Jason Hawks, Solutions Architect

Jason Hawks is a client advocate, technical problem-solver and whole-ecosystem thinker—abilities he puts to good use on clients’ behalf. “We always pursue a customer-first approach,” says Hawks. “I work to understand our customers’ entire landscape as opposed to focusing on an individual technology or vertical.” Hawks regularly employs Defy Labs to research and test innovative products—intel that he uses to make sure clients have best-in-breed solutions that work in their environment and for their business.


We were up against a renewal deadline and needed to quickly evaluate three EDR solutions. Defy Labs streamlined the POC process, eliminating the need for our internal IT teams to perform the evaluations. Our timeline as reduced from months—to weeks.

CISO, national financial advisory firm


Our team was struggling to resolve a persistent problem with our DLP software. Defy’s team replicated the problem in their lab. in short order, they worked with the vendor to test and apply pre-release bug fixes that weren’t possible to for us to do in a production environment.

CISO, regional law firm