Defy Labs

Superior technical value for decision-makers

Defy Labs sets us apart from the competition. It’s where we replicate your environment to validate both functionality of your products—before you buy them. It’s how we confirm that a security solution performs as promised and where you can try them out yourself. Our engineers continually use Defy Labs to test and troubleshoot tools that are new to the market or new to your company. And Defy Labs is available to our customers for the life of our relationship.

Use cases

The stakes are high. Try before you buy.

Even before you become a client, Defy Labs goes to work for you. Our engineers and architects will replicate your environment on our universal platform, simulating in minutes what might take your team weeks to achieve. We match your requirements with a subset of select vendors, run evaluations, score the winners for you and give your team the keys to test drive the results. It adds up to informed, confident decision-making, all before you spend a dime.

To stop threat actors, we pretend to be them

Despite your best efforts, malicious content will breach your defenses, sooner or later. In Defy Labs, we can find the break in minutes. Because we have the capability to rapidly recreate all relevant parts of your environment, we can also reproduce any threats. Next, we deploy and test technologies until we find the right solution to resolve your immediate concern and solve your underlying long-term issues, too.

If you’ve heard of it, we’ve probably already vetted it

You don’t have time to track every new security tool that hits the market, much less to determine whether it performs as promised or is right for your company. That’s our job. We pour resources into Defy Labs, so that we always stay ahead of emerging technology. We then provide you actionable insights and assessments from our ongoing, proactive testing of the latest anti-threat innovations. With Defy Labs, you’re always up to date on the best new ways to protect your company and which products to steer clear of.

Meet Your Team

Jason Hawks and his family

Jason Hawks, Solutions Architect

Jason Hawks is a client advocate, technical problem-solver and whole-ecosystem thinker—abilities he puts to good use on clients’ behalf. “We always pursue a customer-first approach,” says Hawks. “I work to understand our customers’ entire landscape as opposed to focusing on an individual technology or vertical.” Hawks regularly employs Defy Labs to research and test innovative products—intel that he uses to make sure clients have best-in-breed solutions that work in their environment and for their business.


We were up against a renewal deadline and needed to quickly evaluate three EDR solutions. Defy Labs streamlined the POC process, eliminating the need for our internal IT teams to perform the evaluations. Our timeline as reduced from months—to weeks.

CISO, national financial advisory firm


Our team was struggling to resolve a persistent problem with our DLP software. Defy’s team replicated the problem in their lab. in short order, they worked with the vendor to test and apply pre-release bug fixes that weren’t possible to for us to do in a production environment.

CISO, regional law firm