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Securing identities is an ongoing program

​According to research from the Identity Defined Security Alliance, 84% of organizations reported suffering an identity-related breach in the last year, and 96% believe these breaches could have been prevented or minimized if they had specific identity-related security outcomes.


Identify achievable goals

A roadmap to securing identities creates clear milestones for incremental improvement.


Deliver clear documentation

Many business units are stakeholders in identity security. We have experience in helping you communicate plans to executive leaders for alignment and buy-in.


Advise on technology

The identity security landscape has many established and emerging solutions.  We can help align your needs to provide you the best solutions that achieve your goals.

key features

Identity Program Strategy

Whether making small improvements to your identity security program or starting a major initiative, Defy Security has the expertise to provide you with advice, technologies, staffing, and services to achieve your goals.  We establish trust quickly to ensure a long-term partnership for your continued success.

Identity Technology Validation

Securing identities is beyond single sign on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA).  Defy Security has experience across many established and emerging identity solutions to provide you with options that best align to your goals.  Our access to alliance partners can provide you with the staffing or consulting services you need to start quickly.

Meet The Team

Kym Kaelber sitting outside

Kym Kaelber, Vice President of Services Operations

With nearly a decade in cybersecurity operations, Kaelber is a super-networker and relationship-builder who relishes delivering exceptional experiences on behalf of Defy customers. “I love listening to clients and being able to give them exactly what they need at the speed they need it,” she says. Whether she’s working directly with customers to customize a contract or building relationships with top-tier cloud-migration consultants, Kaelber brings optimism and a commitment to excellence to every project and conversation.